Ricardo Teixeira

Touching Sexuality through the Meridians - a TCM perspective to Sexuality

Speaker 1

Licence Acupuncturist and with the number one licence in Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialist in Portugal. Member of Executive Committee of the ETCMA (European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association), ETCMA is an umbrella organisation for professional associations that represent different fields within Traditional Chinese Medicine. Certified Trainer in the area of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Started TCM training in the APA-DA in 2003, internship in Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2009 and in 2017 another internship in México with Dr. Roberto González. A postgraduate course in Instituto Van Nghi - Portugal and several courses within the field of TCM.

Invited speaker to several conference and congress across Europe. Funding member of the WADO and part of the organization committee of the World Acupuncture Day on the UNESCO Building in Paris. Currently attending a bachelor degree in Clinic Physiology


Touching Sexuality through the Meridians - a TCM perspective to Sexuality

Sexuality is an integral part of being human, a complex mix of mental, emotional, and physical signals. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines Sexual health as: “The integration of the somatic, emotional, intellectual and social aspects of sexual being in ways that are positively enriching and that enhance personality, communication, and love”. With affection and sexual intimacy contributing so greatly to healthy relationships and impacting our overall wellbeing WHO continues by saying that “Every person has a right to receive sexual information and to consider sexual relationships for pleasure as well as for procreation”.

The main premise of sexuality in Traditional Chinese Medicine is the preservation of life and longevity and is therefore understandably considered of significant importance. Furthermore, classic texts such as “The Art of the Bedroom” Fang Zhong Shu view sexuality as an energetic bond and considered it a spiritual experience beyond the physical act and include a variety of practices to preserve and grow ones sexuality.

Along with the positive aspects of human sexuality we also encounter illnesses at times that can lead to a sexuality that feels compromised. Both women and men report encountering sexual difficulties, commonly including low libido, lack of pleasure, premature climax, difficulty in becoming aroused or erect and/or inability to reach orgasm to name a few. Fortunately both ancient and modern medicines have considered sexual health of great importance and explored a variety of treatments to address these issues.

This workshop will focus on acupuncture meridians and their role on sexuality, also the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine on sexuality, combining it with the knowledge of Modern Medicine to help us identify and connect to our personal understanding of sexuality and application in the treatment of sexual dysfunction.