Li Ling

Operation Method and Clinical Practice of „Flying Needle” Insertion

Speaker 1

Master of Medicine, Dept. Preventive Medicine, First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine
Chinese Martial Arts 5th Duan (Level 5)
Director of the Academic Department, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Guided Health Preserving Committee, Guangxi China-ASEAN Health Care and Health Preserving Association
Recognized as one of the Excellent Youth Representatives in the “Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine Youth Dialogue” in 2018
Visited and studied in D'Youville College, New York State, in 2015
Research Focus: combining acupuncture based on syndrome differentiation of the meridians with TCM exercise therapy in clinical practice
Good at applying Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture as well as physical and breathing exercise in treating spinal diseases, sleep disorders, headache and dizziness, spleen and stomach related diseases and sports injuries and health management.
Unique insights in TCM exercise health preserving using the syndrome differentiation of the meridians and the identification of TCM constitutions
Rich experience in bilingual teaching of TCM in Chinese and English.


Operation Method and Clinical Practice of „Flying Needle” Insertion.

1. Brief Introduction of Flying Needle
2. Operation Method of Flying Needle
2.1 Insertion Practice
2.2 The Method of Strengthen the Finger Force and Qi Sensation:Qigong and Taiji Quan
3. Clinical Application

Key Word:Flying Needle, Needle Insertion,Qi Gong