Dorota Łapa

Patient education supporting the form of admission and acceptance of TCM treatment methods

Speaker 1

A dietician, specialist in TCM dietetics, St. Hildegard of Bingen medicine advisor, a nurse, the founder of Natural Nutrition and Therapy Centre “Fields of Spelt” in Poznan. Dorota is passionate about inspiring and educating people about natural methods of preventive healthcare and treatment. She had initiated multiple educational projects across Poland as part of programmes promoting healthy nutrition and lifestyle at kindergartens and schools.

For years, Dorota has been weaving in TCM basics alongside nutrition knowledge she has been sharing, encouraging her audiences to apply TCM dietetics, herbs and acupuncture. Dorota has co-authored and continues to lead projects like Progressteron Developmental Festival for Women in Poznan, Efficiency Basics in Business, detox programme, Health and Nutrition Coaching, in all of which she passionately explains benefits from applying TCM dietetics. Dorota also published “You Eat Well”, a book of recipes and basic knowledge on healthy cooking.

Dorota also puts a lot of her energy into cooperation with doctors of western medicine promoting TCM. Her “Fields of Spelt” business actively supported the “Greater Poland Oncology” project and cooperated with the Medical University of Poznan on nutrition matters. Dorota has co-authored the “Shared Medicine – Together for the Patient” project aimed at promoting TCM knowledge amongst medical doctors.

Dorota is a graduate in Nutrition Physiology at the Poznan University of Life Sciences (1997) and studied TCM dietetics from Ina Diolosa in 2007-2009. She is currently studying acupuncture at a Greater Poland Acupuncture school she had established together with dr. Bartosz Chmielnicki.

In her private life, Dorota is a wife and happy mother of four.