Bartosz Chmielnicki

Lightening the heart - acupuncture points and strategies to treat the Shen and transform emotions

Speaker 1

Bartosz Chmielnicki graduated from the Silesian Medical Academy (now University) in 2002, was interested in acupuncture during his studies. In 2004 he finished acupuncture course for doctors organized in Warsaw. He started his work as acupuncturist in Pain Management Clinic in Tychy. Treating many patients he was looking for explanations he could not find in western medical paradigm. For that reason he finished four year lasting Chinese Medicine school in Cracow (2005-2009). Since 2005 he has been studying and practicing Chinese Medicine focusing on acupuncture. He presented many lectures on international TCM congresses in Poland, Chech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom and Israel. He is also an author of acupuncture curriculum for postgraduate pain management studies for doctors at Jagiellonian University. He was a president of Silesian Chapter of Polish Acupuncture Association, and now he is a member of Polish Traditional Chinese Medicine Association.

In 2008 he establish Compleo – the center for natural medicine and acupuncture academy, and in 2017 he founded Acuart – the International School of Classical Acupuncture. HE published a book about pulse diagnosis and many educational tools for students.

In 2014 he initiated Evidence Based Acupuncture project that turned into international movement presenting the state of scientific research on acupuncture, and since 2011 he has been working on Gates of Life project – the study on acupuncture points.


Lightening the heart – acupuncture points and strategies to treat the Shen and transform emotions.

“To possess the Shen is the splendour of life, loss of the Shen is ruin.”
SuWen ch.13

Modern Western world is a great place to live. It is safe, rich, tolerant and provides fulfilment of all basic needs for all members of society. On the other hand, the number of psycho-emotional diseases, such as: anxiety, depression, dissatisfaction, feeling of tension is constantly growing.

Acupuncture, by its nature, is very transformational method of healing, focused on the unity of patient’s body mind and spirit. It provides effective and safe tools for diagnosis and treatment of suffering on both physical and psycho-emotional levels. 

During the lecture we will discuss some of the groups of acupuncture points and points combinations used for treating the Shen, supporting the Heart and transforming emotions. All the points will be presented in unique way, with symbolic pictures based on the “Gates of Life” project.